Patrice Wymore-Flynn

This award winning actress was born in Miltonval, Kansas (population 500). When she was 4 years old, the family moved to the larger city of Salina, Kansas where she was enrolled in dancing school. A natural aptitude allowed her to start performing that following year as a child Entertainer. She was often called the Shirley Temple of the Mid West.

As the years followed, she continued performing while studying dance, music and acting. On a visit to New York City in summer of 1944, she was exposed to Broadway for the first time and it was love at first sight. With the encouragement and support of her family, she stayed in New York to pursue a career on Broadway. Her first break came in 1947 as understudy to famed actress Betty Bruce in Herbert Fields' Production of "Up In Central Park." Her first staring role came on Broadway in 1948 with Mike Todd’s Production of "Hold It" with Red Buttons, Johnny Downs and Jean Darling. This was followed by another starring role in the Sammy Lambert Broadway Production of "All for Love". By the end of 1949 with two Broadway starring roles and a Theatre World Award for her performance in "Hold It" under her belt, it was time for Hollywood to come knocking. And they did.

In March of 1950 Ms. Wymore was signed to a 7-film contract with Warner Brothers Studio. She was immediately cast in the musical comedy "Tea For Two," starring opposite Gordon McCrea and Doris Day. The film was a huge success, and word came down from the Ivory Tower that Jack Warner had found his new fair-haired girl.

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