Patrice Wymore-Flynn


Next Ms. Wymore was cast opposite legendary star Errol Flynn in the western "Rocky Mountain." During filming they became good friends and fell in love. They were married on October 23, 1950 in the Palace at Monaco.

After the wedding they returned to Hollywood, and Patrice continued working in films. From 1950 to 1953 she starred in 7 films for Warner Brothers. Patrice was making quite a name for herself until when in 1954 she decided to give up her career to go with her husband to Europe where he was forming his own production company. While living in Europe Patrice gave birth to her only child, a daughter she named Arnella Roma Flynn.

The next few years found Patrice as an international hostess to visiting dignitaries and celebrities and a mother to her daughter while living on board their yacht "The Zaca".

In 1957 Errol was asked to return to Hollywood to star in a film for Universal Studios. Errol accepted, so Patrice packed up the family, and back to Hollywood they went. While in Hollywood Errol continued to star in films until October 14, 1959 when he died quite suddenly of a massive heart attack at the age of 50.

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