Errol Flynn
The 1930s, '40s and '50s are remembered as the golden era. Monumental films were made and stars were born. Some emerged slowly, but Errol Flynn took the world by storm. His gorgeous face and handsome build were seen on movie screens everywhere. He had a talent that kept him in the spotlight for nearly 30 years. To moviegoers, he was a dashing, noble romancer. To his friends, Flynn was a mischievous, witty prankster. All in all, he was loved and appreciated by fans everywhere.

Errol Flynn was born in the British Commonwealth seaport Hobart, Tasmania, on June 20, 1909. His father, a distinguished marine biologist, introduced him to the sea at a very young age. Flynn always said the one true love of his life was the ocean. As a child, he excelled in athletics but never chose to be an academic. He attended a number of private schools, spending only a short time at each one. By the time he turned twenty, Flynn had already traveled to Sydney, Australia and New Guinea and had attempted several jobs, none lasting more than a few months. Finally, he bought a boat, the Sirocco, and sailed back to New Guinea where he became the manager of a tobacco plantation and wrote for the Sydney Bulletin about life in New Guinea.

In 1933, fate stepped into Flynn’s life. An Australian film producer saw a photograph of him and offered him a part in his movie, "In the Wake of the Bounty." Flynn had no acting experience, but curiosity drove him to accept the offer. In this job, he found his hidden passion. After "Bounty," he felt his new career would not flourish in Australia, so he sailed to London where he could expand his acting career.

Flynn acted at the Northampton Repertory Company for a year and a half. His acting developed well at Northampton, and he was soon offered a contract with Warner Brothers-Teddington studios in England. The managing director offered Flynn a contract before ever seeing him act.


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