Errol Flynn

Warner Brothers believed his looks and muscular build would be a sure bet at the box office. He was the star in "Murder at Monte Carlo" and Warner Brothers-Hollywood studios signed him immediately. Errol Flynn was soon the "debonair romancer" of the world.

By the end of 1935, Flynn had acted in five movies, taking the lead in two of them, "Murder at Monte Carlo" and "Captain Blood." He married French actress Lili Damita and they had one son, Sean. "Captain Blood" was nominated for best picture and contrived Flynn's swashbuckler image.

Known as his "pinnacle years," Flynn claimed absolute stardom between 1936 and 1942. His continuous roles as the noble, brave and handsome hero created a similar personal image for Flynn. Six of his best pictures were filmed in these years. His "pinnacle years" smashes include: "The Charge of the Light Brigade," "The Adventures of Robin Hood," "The Dawn Patrol," "The Sea Hawk," "They Died With Their Boots On," and "Gentleman Jim."

During this time, World War II began. Flynn watched as thousands of troops were being sent overseas. He wanted so badly to serve in the war but was dismissed because of health problems. Instead, he participated in U.S.O. tours for the troops in Europe with several of his Hollywood friends.

He and Lili divorced in 1942, and within a year there was a new Mrs. Flynn. He married Nora Eddington and had two daughters during their six-year marriage.


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