Errol Flynn

Over the next ten years, he acted in several films. One of the box office hits was "The Adventures of Don Juan." Flynn created the perfect Don Juan with his lady-loving, romancer reputation. Aside from the leading man, the film had a creative set and action sequences that audiences everywhere loved.
The 1950s were not as productive for Hollywood as the past years had been. Many actors' careers began to fade. Flynn met his third wife, Patrice Wymore, while filming "Rocky Mountain" in New Mexico. Errol Flynn left Hollywood in 1952, settling on the yacht Zaca as home base for six years in Palma de Mallorca with Patrice and their young daughter Arnella. Although Warner Brothers did not release the documentary film about Flynn's voyage from Mexico to the South Seas until 1952, it reflected a lesser-known Flynn. He loved the water and found the most comfort there, as it reminded him of his home and his family.

Errol Flynn suffered a heart attack and died on October 14, 1959. Flynn was put to rest in
Los Angeles, and many Hollywood celebrities attended to say their last goodbyes to a
dear friend. Flynn possessed a love for acting, the ocean, and also writing. He authored
books like "Beam Ends" (1937), "Showdown" (1946), and his autobiography,
"My Wicked, Wicked Ways." He also co-authored several screenplays.
He is remembered as one of Hollywood’s legendary figures, having starred in over
60 movies during his short 50 years of life.

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