The year was 1950. My fame was growing quickly. I had just starred in two Broadway Shows for which I received substantial personal acclaim. I also won the Daniel Blum Theatre World Award as the most outstanding newcomer on Broadway and Warner Brothers was about to sign me to a film in Hollywood. Life could not have been better. Soon after, Jack Warner decided that I was to be the next fair-haired girl on the lot and so I was immediately cast to appear in a film opposite Errol Flynn.

I had been in the New York celebrity social whirl long enough to be unimpressed by Errol's celebrity status. I had already learned that celebrities are simply human beings with varying degrees of talent in providing the public with entertainment. While making the film, Errol and I quickly became good friends of a purely platonic nature. Eventually, we realized that there could be more to our friendship and our relationship blossomed into love. We were married in Monaco on October 23, 1950. Belying his image, he had first called my parents in Kansas to formally ask for my hand in marriage.

Our marriage led to a beautiful daughter and nine years of romance and adventure. However, the adventure soon turned to heartbreak as time ran out for Errol. To this day, I feel extremely privileged to have shared this brief time with one of the most intelligent, tender, kind, thoughtful, contradictory rascals ever to walk this earth. I'm sure he is smiling now as he realizes what a Legend he has become and that his fans and the public have not forgotten him.                                                                       ...Patrice Wymore Flynn


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